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Topic: Command Line Basics


Meeting Notes



Getting started in the command line is actually very easy. But like the joke goes, “How do you get to Carnegie hall? Practice“. You do need to practice using the terminal to get used working in the terminal. Luckily learning a few commands can take a very long way. Plus if you know the tricks as to where to find answers then you never have to worry about not knowing something.

Some basic commands to master!

  • pwd aka Print Working Directory

This command is a lifesaver if you ever get lost in a server. Simply run this command to find out in what directory you are currently in.

  • cd aka Change Directory

Knowing to move around the filesystem is important and really easy to do with a GUI. But in a terminal it can get a little confusing. That’s what the cd command is for, moving to and from different directories in the filesystem.

  • mv aka Move

Believe it or not but sometime moving a file or a directory in the terminal is actually easier than doing it in the GUI. That’s what the mv command is for, moving file, files, or even entire directories.

  • ls aka List

Japanese philosophy of “Minimalism”, is nothing compared to the Linux terminal. It so clean and minimal that it never shows you what’s in a directory unless you literally tell it to. That’s what the ls command is for, listing the contents of a directory. Plus it can show you cool things like file permissions and ownership.

  • cp aka Copy

Let’s say you want to save a copy of something so you have a backup. Well that’s what the cp command is for. It can copy any file or directory that your heart desires.

  • rm aka Remove

So you just watched Marie Kondo’s special on Netflix and you want to “Konmari” your Linux computer. The rm command is your new best friend. Does the file cutecatmemessuperfunny.gif spark joy? No? Well see how rm can spark joy for you!!

  • df aka Disk Filesystem

I use this command at least once a day! I ❤ this command! All it does is tell me how much disk space each partion on my disk is using. It’s awesome and so so so simple. IT’S THE BEST LINUX COMMAND jk.

Some resources you may want to bookmark!

Some resources you can buy.

Final thoughts


People always tell me “oh man I hate working in the terminal you have to type all those commands!”, to which I reply, “Well true, but it’s no different than working in a Excel sheet and typing formulas.” I think sometimes we can overthink things and make them more difficult than they really are. Yes, it does take time to learn the commands, and yes you will mess up a lot. But like Thomas Wayne tells Bruce Wayne “Bruce, why do we fall? So we can learn to get backup again.”


Thanks to everyone who joined in and I hope you have a great weekend!

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