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Topic: Block Ads On Your Network

Meeting Notes

Intro and News

  1. Presenter: Eduardo Robles


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Why block ads?

  1. Problem: Ads tend to slow down page load times. Slow page times lead to a dip in productivity.
  2. Solution: There are several solutions to blocking ads on your computer. You can add an extension to your web browser (e.g Adblock plus). Or you can setup a firewall and blacklist Ad networks. But another easier solution is to deploy a Pi-hole.
  3. What’s a Pi-Hole? A black hole for Internet advertisements Pi-hole is an Open Source project that accepts donations for continued development. What Pi-Hole does is it becomes your DNS server allowing it to block Ads at the network level. So basically any domain or IP that is added to the DNS blacklist is stopped and it never reaches your intended device.
  4. Getting started with Pi-hole
    1. Get a raspberry Pi, or a spare computer that you run Pi-hole on or run it on a Docker instance.
    2. Run the simple install script on the raspberry Pi (or whatever device you’re running this on) 1.1 You’ll be prompted to setup an admin account plus other info about your network.
    1. Configure you Router to use the Pi-hole as a DNS server 2.1 Check for DNS setting in router and change 1 DNS option to IP of Pi-hole device 2.2 Check DHCP to reserve the Pi-hole IP address
    1. Reboot the Pi-hole
    2. Log into the web interface via http://ADDRESSTOPIHOLE/admin
    3. Start browsing and say bye bye to ads!
  5. Some gotcha’s

Yes, Pi-hole blocks Ads but….it does NOT block ALL ads. But that’s not Pi-hole’s fault. Some ads just are tied to the providers domains so unless you blacklist some domains you’re going to continue gettings ads. For example:

  1. Yahoo
  2. Youtube

Also Pi-hole doesn’t do much to block Ad trackers. So you’re going to have to use something like Privacy Badger to stop those type of Ad trackers.

Final thoughts

I think Pi-hole is an awesome project and I really see some great results using for several months now. But there a some gotcha’s that you have to consider. But generally if you want to speed up your internet Pi-hole can definitely help!

Thank You!

I want to thank you all joinin me again and I hope you all have a great day!

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